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The Key

Part 1:


I spent the summer of 2016 with the boys of Aiden Whisper. The boys were not in school and living on the streets of Kitale at this time. The group I was with spent a lot of time with these boys and each of us had a few specific boys we gravitated towards, one of those boys for me was Peter. I now get the opportunity to sponsor Peter! I remember so desperately wanting to do something for Peter to help his situation. It is amazing to reflect on when I met him and where he is at now. If it weren’t for Aiden Whisper, I am not sure where sweet Peter would be! As I reflect on the summer of 2016, I wanted to share two journal entries from my time in Kitale, Kenya:


July 12, 2016

While with the street boys, I met a boy named Peter (Peta) today. I recognize him but I have never talked with him, he is incredibly shy. He started telling me about his family, where he’s from, his spiritual background and his previous schooling. His English is not great, but he sure tried hard to communicate with me. We sat coloring and he would copy everything I drew. There was something about him I was drawn to! He was so gentle and kind, I can’t imagine how or why he would end up on the streets! For the rest of the day Peter was my buddy, he went everywhere I went and held my hand any chance he could get! I do not even want to begin to think about what he has experienced on the street. He seems so young and innocent and he is very skinny.


Part 2:


Peter captured my heart from one of the very first interactions I had with him. I do not know what initially drew me to him. Peter would never be one to command attention, in fact, getting him to talk is sometimes a challenge because he is so shy! Looking at how far he has come gives me goosebumps, it is truly amazing! As I was reflecting on my time in Kitale, I found this journal entry that encapsulates Peter and his heart:


July 26, 2016

My heart melted into a million pieces today! We arrived to see the boys and Peter BEAMING walked towards me. I gave him a hug and noticed he was holding onto something around his neck. Trying to get a better glimpse I stepped back to see what he was holding onto and there was a cord tied to his neck with a small part of a key attached to it. Peter has commented on the key I wear around my neck several times and he decided he wanted one to match me. I learned that he wandered through the streets for several days trying to find a key! I told Peter how much I loved his necklace and he grabbed both of our necklaces and looked at me and said, “friends forever”. Through tears, I smiled back at him and said, “yes, forever”. Peter is so special to me!!



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