Our purpose is to live generously. We strive for these goals:

Helping victims of human trafficking find freedom

To see girls freed from human trafficking in Orange County, California.

Educating children of the streets in Kenya

To see children educated and released from life on the streets in Kenya.

Growth in pastors, students, and married couples

To see pastors, students, and couples grow personally and professionally.

Freeing girls from human trafficking in Orange County California

We hope to provide transitional housing for runaway girls who are being trafficked in Orange County, California.

We continue to look for organizations and ways that we are able to get involved to help solve the issue that is occurring in our backyard.


We offer scholarships for quality resources, conferences, and events for students, families, and pastors.

We do this by engaging with churches and organizations that create resources for individuals and groups. By working hand in hand with these organizations we are able to provide youth pastors, couples, and teenagers the help they need. Scholarships are awarded on a need-to-need basis.

We are releasing children from the streets, through education and safe housing, while promoting reintegration into families.

For many children in Kenya, and around the world, public school is too costly. These public schools require uniforms, books, and exam fees. The costs—while being reasonable by American standards—prohibit the poor from participating. For street kids, getting an elementary education is impossible, which results in many children being unable to attend school. By providing these small necessities, children are able to attend school, become educated, and begin dreaming of their future!

Where We Work

Check out the places where Aiden Whisper has offered scholarships, purchased buildings, and is taking children off the streets and sending them to school!

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