Cassie Fields is the director of giving at Orange County non profit Aiden Whisper

Cassie Fields

Born and raised in Southern California, Cassie studied International Studies in San Diego, while spending her summers in Kenya, Eastern Africa. In Kenya, she fell in love with street children and in 2017 opened Milele Home. She has worked for both international and domestic nonprofits.
Fadi Cheikha is a board member of the Orange County non profit Aiden Whisper

Fadi Cheikha

Fadi was born and raised in Lebanon by his Lebanese Father and Greek mother, eventually moving to the United States at age 20. He is the Founder and CEO of US Alliance Group, Electronic Cash Systems, and Alternative Payment International LLC. He currently lives in Orange County with his wife Kim and their four children, Julia, Jake, Jaden, and Jacquie.
Kim Cheikha is a board member of the Orange County non profit Aiden Whisper

Kim Cheikha

Having been born in Florida, growing up in Colorado, attending school in Arizona, and completing her Masters degree in Psychology at Pepperdine University, Kim eventually landed in California. Kim and Fadi Cheikha met doing sales in Costa Mesa, California. She uses her education in Child Development, Family Studies, and Psychology in starting businesses, traveling the world, and raising their four children.

We Believe that humans are created to serve and everyone can become generous. Generosity extends beyond your business, financial situation, income, religion, or lack of religion. We are people who want to live more generously and lovingly than we did the day before. Aiden Whisper’s main objectives stem from hearts that were drawn to people, situations, and places. All three local, international, and scholarship projects come from hearts that have gravitated to the people around us, making us unable to continue our lives without doing something about what we’ve seen and experienced. We also want to invite others to participate in this journey of generosity and love.