Kenya Street Children

In Kitale, Aiden Whisper helps provide housing and education while promoting family-centered learning and love.

Aiden Whisper partners with Milele Home located in Kitale, Kenya

Students in Kitale, Kenya are released from their boarding school three times a year totaling 4 months. Since many of the children do not have a home to go to during those break times, or their home is unsafe we help provide housing for street boys—ranging from ages 10-16. We have partnered with a local Kenyan pastor and his family to love and care for these boys like as their own. The boys are given food, shelter, and tutoring during non-school months, as well as the necessary love, care, and acceptance that all children need.


Nearly 300,000 children are living on the streets in Kenya today.

Helping street children receive an education in Kitale, Kenya

Close to 500 of those are living in a small agricultural town in northwestern Kenya called Kitale. Each of those 100 million children has both a story and a desperate need. Children are living on the streets for a variety of different reasons. These include:

  • A child becomes orphaned.
  • A child is abandoned, dropped off, or forced to live on the streets.
  • There is a lack of food, clothing, or education provided by their parents at home.
  • Tribal differences within their families and communities often create isolated or ostracized children.
  • A child flees from their household due to abuse from their parents or guardians.