Serve Your Family and Neighbors

How to Serve Your Family

Affirm your spouse and children for a specific action or character attribute you are grateful for.

Hide love notes around the house for your spouse or significant other.

Write encouraging Bible verses on sticky notes and scatter throughout your house.

Plan theme dinners: with food, drink, and music to match (ie: Italian Bistro or Mexican Fiesta)! You can even pull up games that go with that country.

Write a letter of encouragement to the members of your household

Secretly perform someone else’s chore in your home.

Have your family gather food and essential items within your home and secretly deliver them! You can be the food bank to someone in need!

Love on your family by planning a hike or bike ride. 

Generate lists as a family of arts and craft activities, science projects, imaginary games, musical activities, board games, household projects to do together! 

How to Serve Your Neighbors

Leave notes and flowers as a special surprise. 

Bake cookies or leave treats at your neighbor's door. 

Deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor.

Make a surprise care package.

Reach out to people who are isolated alone.

Face Time someone for dinner! 

Donate essential items to a food pantry: Saddleback Food Pantry, Harbor Point  , Mariners Church 


*Some locale food pantries are. not accepting food donations from individuals. The church's listed are still accepting food and essential items.