Jacquie’s Heart for Dori

One day in the classroom, Mom and Haley were preparing for their next Aiden Whisper meeting. They were discussing their partnership with Precious Kids Center while I worked on my current math lesson. Mom began to read a biography of a young girl named Dori around my age battling Cerebral Palsy, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Epilepsy. Before living at Precious Kids Center in Kitale, Kenya, Dori was found covered in sores and scabs from scabies, which comes from not being clean. No one was taking the time to bathe her. In the biography, it described how her whole family was sitting in the house eating their lunch as Dori was writhing in pain on the couch, grabbing her stomach. She takes six medicines a day, including Phenobarbital, Epilim, Carbamazepine for the seizures, Hydroxyurea, Folic Acid, and Penicillin to prevent infection and help with the Sickle Cell.

As my mom read this story aloud, I remembered feeling left out and alone, due to Cerebral Palsy in my left leg. It frequently hurts my ankle. I recall a time when I propped myself on the couch in pain. From where I sat in the family room, I could see my friends swimming, jumping, and splashing in the pool. I was there when everyone else was having fun, too uncomfortable to venture outside. This experience made me relate to Dori. I believe this is why my heart is powerfully pulled to her. I felt an overwhelming sense of urgency, knowing I needed to help. I knew God was speaking to me. Hearing that Dori’s medications cost $75 a month, I realized that I had enough money saved to fund a year’s worth of medication for her.

It was a feeling I had never felt, yet something I knew well. After the initial conversation with my mom, I sat alone in an attempt to process this flood of emotion. Was this voice God, or was it me? As I asked this question, I already knew the answer. God had stirred my heart and pointed it towards Dori creating an uncontrollable urge to help. It was a gut feeling that I am the one who is supposed to do something, and I did.

Precious Kids Center now has a year’s worth of medication for Dori!

Jacquie Cheikha

Age 13