Ending the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Abuse strips victims of their voices and leaves them hopeless and afraid.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in the US have been victims of physical violence by an intimate partner. In 2018, California reported 166,890 incidents of domestic violence, with 10,869 calls made in Orange County. Domestic violence emergency 9-1-1 calls in Orange County are made by children 36% of the time.

Laura’s House aids in the journey of empowerment and healing, giving women, children, and young men the ability to drop everything to find shelter and safety. Most leave behind beloved toys and belongings when fleeing their abuser. Laura’s House is a 52-bed Emergency Shelter, which provides food, toiletries, and clothing to entering families. Sharing their agony and pain in a group and individual therapy results in victims gaining a voice and taking back their life. Case managers assist the families with housing options, financial assistance, and legal decisions regarding the future safety and security of the family. To support the victims, Laura’s House has two volunteer-run thrift stores. 

March 17th, Aiden Whisper is serving at Laura’s House warehouse to close out the end of our clothing drive. Please visit our SIGN UP page for more information!

Laura’s House program provides Crisis Hotline Support, Children’s Programs, Emergency Shelter, Outreach and Education, Legal Services, Transitional Housing, and Legal Services. Please visit Laura’s House website for more information. 

Haley Warejko 
Assistant to the Director