We Believe

We believe that humans are created to serve, and everyone can become generous. Generosity extends beyond our business, financial situation, income, religion, and families. We are people who want to live more generously and lovingly than we did the day before. We believe God draws us to those HE WANTS US TO NOTICE. Aiden Whisper's main objectives stem from our hearts being drawn to people, situations, and places by God. All of our projects come from hearts that have gravitated to the people around us, making us unable to continue our lives without doing something about what we've seen and experienced. In this purpose of living generously, we strive for the goals of providing freedom, education, and growth in all of our projects. God restores.

We have experienced that, the more GENEROSITY is practiced the more contagious it becomes. Extravagant GENEROSITY is a CULTURE in the making! We want to invite you to participate in this CULTURE of GENEROUS giving and love.

  • Fadi and Kim Cheikha

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