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At Joshua House, we follow a model of care that is founded on being a part of a family. We view each individual as a member of our family, and we care for them as we would our own flesh and blood. Our approach to healing and restoration goes beyond providing housing and food and caring for the spiritual, recovery, and emotional needs of each member. We also attempt to eliminate many obstacles from their future. Drug abuse often leads to many setbacks, and it becomes nearly impossible to move forward in life as they accumulate. We take each individual to court to solve their legal issues. We pay for fines, tickets, DUI classes, driver’s license or identification cards, and child support payments. We assist individuals in the completion of a GED and help individuals attend college courses, if desired. We also care for the physical needs of each family member by purchasing glasses and ensuring that all physical and dental needs are taken care of. Each member that graduates is gifted with an affordable car, six months of registration and insurance, and one month free of rent if they attend our second phase home. However, our beds in both phases are limited, but the need for help is great. Due to limited resources, we are unable to help individuals that are in need, and we often have a waiting list. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 90% of people who need rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse do not receive it.1 This is concerning because an average of 265 Americans died each day of an overdose from 2020-2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.2 It is likely that this number has increased as the epidemic of intentional fentanyl use and accidental use through counterfeit substances has increased. Please join us in the support of our family members as we, lead people to Christ, fight against addiction, care for the needs of each family member, and step into the calling that God has for our lives. 
1.     Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2020). National Survey of Drug Use and Health.
2.     Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (January 26, 2022). Monthly Provisional Counts of Deaths by Select Causes, 2020-2021.

Joshua House is a year-long, no-cost residential program for men struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

It involves a three-prong approach to healing:

  • Christian Discipleship
  • 12-step Recovery
  • Work Therapy

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Hope Restoration Ministries has two thrift stores in San Clemente, CA. Restoration and La Tienda Thrift stores accept gently used items for resale in the stores. These stores generate income for the Joshua House program, including recovery, housing, and food costs. The men work at the stores while in the program, which helps to build their resumes by the time they graduate. A used car is provided to the graduate upon completion of the program.


The resale stores need the following gently used and in good condition items: 


Household items like silverware, plates, glasses etc

Gently used clothing and shoes


Working electronics and appliances

Sports equipment




Jewelry and other items of value







Games and other entertainment items

Cameras and lenses

Carry cases

10 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday
Noon until 5pm on Sundays


To schedule a truck pick up call (949) 240-0441


La Tienda Thrift Store

510 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

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Private donors cover our operating costs, allowing 100% of your money to go to the organization you choose.