Changing Table

With several infants present at the sanctuary, there is a need for a
changing table. Bless these mommas by purchasing the changing
table linked below.

*Deliver to Aiden Whisper headquarters
29883 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Sponsor a Bedroom

Bless the women of Vera's Sanctuary by decorating and
designing a bedroom! Shower the residences in love by
donating area rugs, bedding, art, and home decor.

For more information, email Aiden Whisper's Executive Director at

Used Cars

Residents are in need of cars to travel to and from job
interviews, court appearances, and work responsibilities. If
you have the resources to donate a car to Vera's Sanctuary,
please email Aiden Whisper's Executive Director at

Gas Efficient Car

Vera's Sanctuary needs the ability to respond to emergency situations involving the women and children residing on site.

If you would like to donate a gas efficient car to the Vera's Sanctuary staff, please email Aiden Whisper's Executive Director at

Exercise Shoes

Shoes say more about us than we know. They speak to our personality, confidence, and comfortability. Shoes are what ground us.

Aiden Whisper is asking for your help in bringing confidence to the women and young girls of Vera's Sanctuary through donating new shoes.

Untitled design (4)

*Vera's Sanctuary residents opening shoes from Aiden Whisper's shoe drive for Vera's Sanctuary December 2020!