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The Precious Kids Center (PKC) serves children with disabilities to provide the support they need to learn, grow, and reach their full potential. Each child is cared for according to their individual needs. Additionally, PKC works to equip parents and educate the community to be more accepting and supportive of children with disabilities.

What is the need?


Transportation serves many needs including bussing

children to school as well as driving children with varying

degrees of medical needs to and from the hospital.

Medical Expenses 

Monthly medical expenses, without any surprises, are

upwards of $2,000. This number includes medicines for 37

children with Epilepsy, 13 children with Sickle Cell Anemia,

and 2 children with Congenital Heart Failure.

Emergency Expenses

At a moment's notice, Sammy and her team are called to

care for abandoned children with special needs. Most

require immediate medical attention. Precious Kids is

determined to build an "Emergency Fund" for these types

of situations.

Staff Salary 

At times medical expenses and buying food

trumps paying employees. The 42 staff members continue

to work even when the funds are not available. The

PKC team consists of 17 Teachers, 14 House Mothers, 3

Cooks, 2 Physical Therapists, 2 Night Guards, 2 Grounds

Keepers, 1 Social Worker, 1 Animal Caretaker.


Eating is a basic need that becomes difficult to finance

when the center feeds 200children daily and is

continuously growing. In addition to feeding the 140

children living in the center, PKC also feeds those who

participate in their Day Programs that run 5 days a week.


All clothing items, including shoes, pants, and shirts, are

needed. PKC strives to gift each child a new outfit each

Christmas! Due to the children's immobility, the knees of

pants are easily worn out from scooting across the floor.


One way Sammy cares for the children's heart is by treating

them to a special lunch in town. For this outing, the

children are gifted their very own outfit!

Vocational School

Precious Kids Center is determined to educate students of

the community through their Day Programs. These

programs feature essential skills that will lead to

permanent occupations and trades.

"Within an environment of love and acceptance, every child in our

home receives proper nutrition, clean clothes, and a warm bed.

These are simple essentials that many of these children have

never experienced before coming to live in the House."


Sammy Hammork


Meet the Children of Precious Kids Center

Meet Dorcus

Name: Dorcas Nanjala
Date of Birth: 2006
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy, Sickle Cell Anemia, Epilepsy

I met Dorcas in April of 2015 after getting a call from a friend about a child in need. We drove about an hour, up a winding road that crept its way up the side of a huge hill. We walked into her house and Dorcas greeted us with a smile. We talked to her mom and learned that she has epilepsy and hemiplegic cerebral palsy caused by a stroke that effects her left side. Then in December 2015, we got a call from the same friend who brought us to meet Dorcas the first time. She was covered in sores and scabs from scabies, which comes from not being clean, so it was evident that no one was taking the time to bathe her. Her whole family was sitting in the house eating their lunch as she was writhing in pain on the couch grabbing her stomach. There was no smile or friendly greeting this time because she was in too much pain. We talked to her mother who quickly agreed to let us take her for treatment. She was admitted to the hospital and after two days with no improvement, we were very worried that we had found her too late. But on the third day, she finally began to show improvements and we were thrilled to see her sweet smile again. The intestinal blockage was caused by a worm infestation which can easily be prevented by a medication that only costs twenty cents that should be given to children every three months. After Dorcas was with us for about a year we began to notice that it seemed as if her mental development was regressing. Her memory wasn’t as good as it was in the beginning and she seemed more confused and disoriented even when she wasn’t having seizures. The doctor ran some tests and diagnosed her with Sickle Cell Anemia. We were able to get her on a few extra medications to help with some of her symptoms and implement some dietary changes and she began to improve. We love having this little bundle of joy around. She keeps us constantly smiling with her antics. She is often hospitalized due to frequent seizures, so please keep our sweet little Dori in your prayers.

Aiden Whisper's Heart For PKC?

That is impossible to answer without telling you about Sammy Hammork. Since she was a young girl, God broke her heart for children with disabilities. She visited Kitale, Kenya, as a teen with the church and loved the people. After college, she started Precious.

When I visited Kitale for the first time, my first stop was going with a team to Precious Kids. I had been forewarned that it would be shocking and that it would seem dirty or possibly that the kids wouldn't look cared for in our traditional American way. This news was followed by a "BUT." These kids had been abandoned and were unwanted. Often found alone on the street, the majority of these children had moderate to severe disabilities and required medical attention and medication. I was told they were better off than before.

When we pulled up, a giant rickety solid gate swung open, and we drove into the house yard. There were kids everywhere — some on a slide, some sitting in the shade of the building, some running around together. There was happy chatter, and I sensed the kids felt at home even if in tattered clothes and hosting dirty noses. Several ran up to the van to greet us. About 100 children were living there. Next, Sammy greeted us. She was beautifully pregnant, at ease with the children and us. Sammy led me on tour all the while touching, talking to, and pausing with full intent for numerous children. She showed me around, the classrooms, the physical therapy room, and the bunkrooms. There was a particular room in which the floor was covered with immobilized children of all ages. Here, this room had a red tile floor that was covered with crib-sized mattresses, cushions, and blankets with at least 25 children of different shapes and sizes laying and some sitting. The exposed tile floor had a woman busily mopping back and forth and all around the edges leaving behind a smell of wet clay.

We sat on the floor with the children, and she tried to share with me the children's various challenges, surgeries completed, and operations needed. I asked about how these children came to Precious. She explained that they were dropped off at the gate or various agencies called her because there was nowhere else for these disabled children to go. Many, too, were just left by the street in the city center. Precious is the only organization that wanted these children.

Here is the part of why Precious, Sammy always takes them. She seems to always say yes, trusting God will provide. Sammy always makes room when there is none. Story after story, this was her theme. Many of these children die there. Their prognosis is bleak.

Other homes we visited who took children WITHOUT disabilities, had spreadsheets, fulltime bloggers with social media support, fundraisers, newsletters, and more. Everything organized and in its place. Yet, Sammy doesn't have the time for those details. These kids don't have the luxury of waiting to see if it is feasible. Sammy goes and gets the kids. She wholeheartedly moves within God's Spirit trusting His voice. In this way, Sammy has the gift and ability to move freely without question.

This is how she started Precious. One disabled child abandoned and in need. Her faith and willingness to say yes to God's promptings are why our hearts can't say no to supporting Precious. My life will never go back to normal. My heart was indelibly changed forever. Precious Kids now becomes a part of my life, my thoughts, and my prayers daily. Sammy's faith and her willingness allow God to do the impossible. She doesn't wait for a well thought out plan and necessary funds. She lovingly says, "Yes." Sammy is a woman after God's own heart who truly cares for those who can't care for themselves. God works it all out.

Aiden Whisper is anxious to draw attention to and provide finances for Precious Kids. Sammy's heart reveals that this life is not about us, but about being apart of a bigger story.



Kim Cheikha

Co-Founder of Aiden Whisper

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