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Fadi Cheikha

Founder & President

Fadi Cheikha was raised in Lebanon by his Lebanese Father and Greek mother. He finished college with two degrees: Business Management and Economics, and at the age of 20 left Lebanon for the United States. He met his wife Kim in 1992, and they married in the Summer of 1995. They have four healthy and active children. Fadi has worked in the payment processing industry for more than 30 years. Fadi and his wife Kim formed Electronic Cash Systems (ECS) in September 1997 with the idea to provide ATM, credit and debit card, check and ACH processing to businesses. US Alliance Group, Inc. was formed in 2007 with a mission to offer multiple payment platforms across the US. In 2014 Fadi became CFO and Chairman at Download Youth Ministry while running the other businesses. Here youth workers find resources that are: high quality, easy to use, inexpensive, and trench-tested.

Fadi has always had a heart to mentor. He has volunteered his time regularly helping young professionals and youth pastors. He has served on numerous boards and served many private universities in their business programs.

Fadi and Kim founded Aiden Whisper in October of 2017. Fadi's goal for setting up Aiden Whisper was precise giving. He opened the nonprofit organization as an avenue to give generously. Any money raised is one hundred percent given to the specified organization. Aiden Whisper takes no management fees, overhead costs, or expenses. This idea of generous giving and giving 100% of the donation is why Fadi founded Aiden Whisper. He has traveled with an Aiden Whisper Team to Kitale, Kenya in 2018 and again in 2019 where he was encouraged by how much God could accomplish through Aiden Whisper.

Kim Cheikha

Co Founder & Executive Director

Kim Cheikha is a wife of 24 years to Fadi Cheikha, a mother of four, and a co-founder and director of Aiden Whisper. Kim has an undergraduate degree in Family Studies from Arizona State University as well as a master’s in psychology from Pepperdine University. Kim’s heart is motivated to bring hope and encouragement as an extension of Christ’s love to people in her own backyard as well as around the world. She wholeheartedly believes God draws her to those He wants her to notice so that she may become an instrument of generosity on all levels from lending a hand or a kind word, to being generous with money. Kim finds it impossible to move beyond what has drawn her heart out without doing something about what she has seen and heard. Aiden Whisper provides an avenue to live more generous than she lived the day before. This past April of 2019 Kim traveled to Kitale, Kenya, with Aiden Whisper and God broke her heart.

Jaden Cheikha

Jaden is in high school and growing up in Orange County, California. In reading about street children and hearing first-hand accounts, his heart hurt. Jaden went with the Aiden Whisper team in August of 2018 and again in April of 2019. He witnessed street children of all ages sleeping in the gutters, and many times saw them holding small bottles of industrial-strength glue. Jaden realized they didn't sniff the glue for the high; they sniffed the glue to feel warm and to take away their hunger pains. The old and the young children appeared to numb from lack of hope. Jaden actively prays God shows him ways to serve, love, and care for these kids. Jaden has fundraised for chickens, crops, school bills, and more. Because of Aiden Whisper, God has encouraged Jaden that He hasn't forgotten about the street children in Kitale, Kenya.

Jacquie Cheikha

Currently, Jacquie is the youngest of four and enjoys learning about others who are less fortunate. Her heart hurts when others aren't treated equally or fairly and also when people judge others with unkind words. She enjoys participating in Aiden Whisper's serve days. She is looking forward to visiting Kitale, Kenya, and meeting many long-distance relationships face to face.

Her animal passion is horses. She is an accomplished show jumping competitor with many awards. Recently with the help of "Little Hooves Rescue," Jacquie adopted a miniature pony out of a slaughterhouse in Texas. She hopes to train this pony, Dreamer, and use him to bring joy to other children.

"I want to do what I preach. I especially want to do this in front of my employees, family, and peers. This idea of generous giving and giving 100% of the donation is why our family started Aiden Whisper." - Fadi

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