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Nearly three-hundred thousand children are living on the streets of Kenya today. The Milele Home, in Kitale, Kenya, provides housing for students that are otherwise street boys, ranging from 10 to 16 years of age. Students in Kitale, Kenya are required to leave their boarding school during month long school breaks. Many of the students do not have a home to go to during the school breaks and/or their home is unsafe. The Milele Home provides housing for those students by partnering with a local Kenyan pastor and his family. During the long school breaks; Milele home provides the boys with food, shelter, and tutoring in a loving, caring and nurturing home.

Currently, Milele Home includes a live-in pastor and wife, a social worker, and 26 boys all enrolled in private school and thriving. These young men all love the Lord and are anxious to help other street children get off the street, give up the glue-sniffing, handle responsibilities, and start school.

Each of the children living on the streets has their own unique story. 

Here are some of the ways they find themselves on the streets: 

  • A child becomes orphaned.
  • A child is abandoned, dropped off, or forced to live on the streets.
  • There is a lack of food, clothing, or education in their homes.
  • Tribal differences within their families and communities force them out.
  • A child flees from their household due to abuse.


Aiden Whisper's Trip to Milele Home 2018

Aiden Whisper Visits Milele Home!

Aiden Whisper's Heart For The Milele Home

Aiden Whisper has a heart for Milele Home. Jaden, our son, took a trip with the Aiden Whisper's team to Kitale, Kenya in August of 2018. Jaden came back home from that trip a forever changed young man. For more on Jaden’s experience, visit the story tab and read his life-changing story. Aiden Whisper wants to support his passion with the restoration work God continues doing in each of the boy’s lives.


"You are special in the eyes of the Lord. We are ready to love you, we are ready to care for you, we are ready to give you direction." Pastor Joel


“When you come to my home it will be your home.”  Pastor Joel



Kim Cheikha

Co-Founder of Aiden Whisper

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