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By Kim Cheikha | Nov 20, 2019

Aiden Whisper seeks to create a culture of GENEROUS giving. We desire to cultivate pathways for others to be GENEROUS with their time, finances, and words. In this process, we hope YOU learn to recognize the people around you who can’t help themselves, who are unserved, who feel forgotten and alone, or who need a…

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Jacquie’s Heart for Dori

By Kim Cheikha | Nov 19, 2019

One day in the classroom, Mom and Haley were preparing for their next Aiden Whisper meeting. They were discussing their partnership with Precious Kids Center while I worked on my current math lesson. Mom began to read a biography of a young girl named Dori around my age battling Cerebral Palsy, Sickle Cell Anemia, and…

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Nathan’s Story | Kenya 2019

By Kim Cheikha | Oct 2, 2019
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Jaden’s Story | 2018

By Aiden Whisper | Jul 25, 2019

People often wonder why I, a kid growing up in the lap of luxury, having all my needs met and being concerned over the next latest and greatest iPhone and computer, would want to go to Kenya? Those things are precisely why, because I felt like a spoiled rich kid, and I desperately needed change.…

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The place that has my heart

By Aiden Whisper | Feb 27, 2019

The moment I arrived in the beautiful city of Kitale, my life changed forever. The people of this city are the most welcoming, genuinely loving people I have ever met. I have been to Kenya a few times before, but this trip was filled with different memories that would forever change my heart because of…

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The Key

By Aiden Whisper | Feb 6, 2019

Part 1:   I spent the summer of 2016 with the boys of Aiden Whisper. The boys were not in school and living on the streets of Kitale at this time. The group I was with spent a lot of time with these boys and each of us had a few specific boys we gravitated…

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Treasure of this Journey

By Aiden Whisper | Sep 10, 2018

My Two Weeks in Kitale It is hard to think that slightly over a month ago I had the opportunity to experience the beautiful country of Kenya. Before this life-changing experience, I had no expectation, I was full of excitement and anticipation. Now that I have been back in the United States for over a…

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